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Iced Tea

In many restaurants and cafes, Iced Tea is equally as important as coffee.  Your customers will notice the difference between freshly brewed Iced Tea and an Iced Tea dispensed from a bar gun or soda fountain.  Fresh Brewed = Fresh Flavor.  Just as with coffee, selecting the proper Iced Tea is the first step to maximizing the flavor profile your customers are looking for. The next step is installing the best Iced Tea brewer for your establishment. Equipment and capacity vary between brewers and servers.  The most popular volumes for Iced Tea brewing are 1.5 gallons and 3 gallons.  Tea can be brewed either sweetened or unsweetened. Many different flavors are available as well.  

Liquid Coffee on Demand

The Folgers Select Brew NG300 is the perfect solution for higher volumes of coffee without the worry of having to brew every batch. Liquid coffee concentrate is placed inside the machine, the user presses one of 6 different selection buttons, and the coffee is dispensed from as little as one cup to 865 cups per hour. Machines are available that dispense both hot and iced coffee.  Machines are also available with handles and with the ability to make Iced Coffees.

Volume Greater Than 3 Gallons

If the customer needs to brew a larger volume, equipment is available that will meet their needs.  These Twin Urn machines are capable of brewing 3, 6, or 10 gallons of coffee per side.  The coffee is kept hot by utilizing a system which surrounds the brewed coffee with a hot water bath.  This is considered soft heat, which means there are no burners...this allows the coffee to sit for a longer period of time without the risk of burning.  The flavor profile of the coffee is also maintained for a longer period of time without the warmers.  This is a great way to brew large volumes of coffee for those large volume businesses. 

Roast & Ground

When the proper coffee is selected, the volume each establishment needs to brew is calculated.  Different equipment is used based on these needs.  Glass pot brewers are sufficient for smaller volumes, whereas satellite or thermal systems are installed to satisfy those customers who need to brew up to 1 1/2 gallons at a time. All equipment is available in 120v, 220v, or dual voltage. The chosen voltage will determine the recovery time between brews.  The equipment to brew Roast & Ground coffee is just as important as the coffee itself.

Whether it's a restaurant, cafe, or banquet hall, coffee is an essential part of the business.  Coffee either precedes the meal or is served at the end.  It is imperative to make this first or final impression count.  To do this, it starts with selecting a coffee with a flavor profile that keeps your customers coming back.  Once this is accomplished, it is extremely important to properly brew the coffee to insure it's at its best.  Preferred Beverage will make sure the correct equipment is installed, properly serviced, and functioning to the best of its ability.

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